vive la France

Well it’s 11pm and I’ve finally arrived in my hotel room in Nice. It’s been a long day due to my own incompetence mainly. Left the house in Reading at 7.15 this morning, and via London, Paris and Marseille I’ve made it here! Main things I’ve noticed about the trip is that Air France aren’t exactly spreading the word about ‘haute cuisine’ by giving me a stale croissant on the flight to Paris and a packet of peanuts on the Paris->Marseille leg. At least I got a drink on the 2nd leg, there wasn’t enough time on the first flight cos I was on the back row.

Another is never try to find a cash machine in a French station or airport – they probably have one, but it’ll be hidden in some dark corner and probably won’t work – hence why I couldn’t buy anything to eat or drink before Marseille cos I forget my Euros….

A long journey, but without any hastles and I slept most of the time, and my French is starting to come back although just saying the most simple things seemed difficult at the start…. Now I’m starting to remember slang again..

Want to write more about Saturday’s amazing protests but I can’t keep my eyes open….

Oh yeah, Hoggboy had a 1/2 page article in Liberation this morning, was cool to see that – playing in Paris as we speak I imagine.

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