The day has arrived

So the day has finally arrived when George Bush and his small band of not so merry men have decided that they will be attacking Iraq despite pressure from the majority of the world, and the UN.

Diplomacy apparantly collapsed as the French said they would veto a second resolution whatever. This in itself was probably not the best form of diplomacy but to use the French as scapegoats is disgraceful.

It goes to show that the US/UK will use the UN if everyone goes along with them, but on the flip will say that it is no longer an effective voice if there is opposition to their plans. The US & UK have vetoed multiple resolutions regarding the Israel/Palestinian situation, the latest veto was to condemn Israel for the killing of 3 UN Staff in Gaza last year.

Tony Blair and the UK commanders may be the first western officials to be taken to court for International War Crimes, the US government is unable to be prosectuted as they do not recognise the juristiction of this internation court. All this will depend on the type of warfare, weapons used and buildings destoyed.

A Manifesto for Peace and Progress has a full page ad in the Guardian today, you can sign their petition. You can also march on London again this Saturday. The momentum is still growing, and after this crisis is over the government will have to have to take stock of their inability to listen to the UK population and there may be a real change in political changed.

People are interested in politics again, they will not allow politicians to go against the grain of public opinion in the future.

3 thoughts on “The day has arrived”

  1. hmm, i’m starting to believe that its been the US’ intention since day one to drag this out in the UN. In doing so they can flex their muscles, undermine the UN and so make it much easier to do what they’re doing now again. I wonder who’s next?

  2. You shouldn’t kid yourself that somehow the French are the saviours of human kind and occupy the moral highground here.

    France has a lucrative trading relationship with Iraq and has maintained this during the years of Sanctions. I’m not saying that no one should trade with Iraq but I think its pretty clear that France pushes the UN sanctions to the limit and indeed probably oversteps those boundaries.

    The noble Chirac, saved from indictment over corruption charges during his time as Mayor of Paris by undemocratic French law is well aware of how France profits now from its trade with Iraq and how it would in the future substantially benefit from oil rights to Iraqi oilfields.

    As usual France is putting France first, just like it does on the EU stage.

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