new toys

My new role at work means that I have been lucky to get a load of new mobile phones recently (as I am now ‘EMEA Device Tester’ which sounds vaguely good). In essence, I get to play with 12-15 new phones each quarter. The roll-call from last week Ericsson P-800, Nokia 7250, Nokia 7650, Nokia 3650, Siemens S55. With more to come next week.

Most of them have cameras (The S55 has a flash too – I mean you generally want these cameras on nights out and they don’t work in dark clubs…)

I have to say my favourite is the P800 – it is really powerful : Camera, MMS, Bluetooth, Symbian… blah.. blah… More importantly it has game playing capabilities (Doom and MIB2 are ok) and I can play MP3s, surf the net and… yes… use it as a phone too…

I’m trying my hardest not to lose it cos it’s £400 without a contract. On my current streak of losing valuable items, this may be difficult. Will hopefully have phone->blog set up soon so I’ll be able to post things with a picture from wherever I am…


Friday night and I’ve not gone out clubbing. This has to be virtually a first for 2003 – and although I didn’t quite stay in (went off to lovely Basingstoke to see a friend have a meal and 2 (two) beers) it was a bit of a detox night. It means I might get to bed before 1.30am…. I’m shocked at my own willpower.

Watched Amelie (le fabuleux destin de..) again tonight. It’s definitely in one of my top ten films and probably the best feel good film going. The cinematography is amazing (the camera sweeping from above her head when she skims a stone, across the bridge, 180 degree reversal to rest on the water), the lighting (blue filters outdoors, green on the metro) and she has the best face and smile going! + obviously the surreal and randomness of it all. Makes you feel good to be alive does this film – WATCH IT NOW!!! (And watch it in French with subtitles not dubbed… the accents and language is integral to it as usual even if vous ne parlez pas french

Turnoff Your TV

If you didn’t know its Adbusters: TV Turnoff Week. When Adbusters try to get people to stop staring into a collection of filaments in the corner of their living room, turn it off and get a life… (well only for a week if you can’t cope without your dose of Eastenders like me).

They try to get their ads aired on the major networks in the US (MTV refused so they suggest you ‘jam’ MTV)

As we all know TV has been proven to be one of the greatest addictions to fight (Noam Chomsky writes a lot about that in his short book Media Control).

Do you think you could turn your TV off for 1 night, never mind a week – give it a try and let me know how you get on. (Even if you miss an episode of Cold Feet)…