it’s june?….

I’ve not updated the site for about 3 weeks. Dunno where the time has gone, I’ve been really busy travelling around, working and generally being hectic so I haven’t noticed where the time has gone. So summer seems to be here and Glastonbury is just around the corner – can’t wait!

It’s a bit late to go over in detail everything been up to so I won’t bother!


Big Bang 9 @ The Ski Village was a great night. Caught up with quite a few people, weather was great, blue skies and chilled atmosphere. The bus ride to the after show club was a hectic as always – visions of being the first person ever to be crushed in a bus queue. Bed is a great venue and the sound system was quality. We even managed to avoid the huge queue and got let in a sidedoor which was nice.

Went to Birmingham properly for the first time and I was really impressed. Bars and cafes everywhere, the sun was shining, even the canals look nice and I have to say the Malmaison is probably the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed in! I have also never seen such a large naan bread as was being served in the Indian restaurant on Ladypool Road (we opted for a medium which was more than sufficient!) And a few nice smattering of record shops too including the great massive records

Went to a quality ‘C’-Party in Sheffield (i.e. fancy dress beginning with C!). I was ‘Chinese’ (In a very un-PC way). Photos to come soon. Enjoyed DJing for a bit too. Cheers to all concerned it was great.

Caught the (very) end of the Cowley Road festival in Oxford yesterday – really chilled vibe and such a great area of the town. (Well in the few hours I spent there it looked good). And if someone can explain why there wasn’t a train back to Reading between 2230 and midnight last night i’d like to know!…. Virgin trains can expect a slew of mail from me after recent journeys with them.

Photos to come very soon and a summery drum’n’bass mix by DJ J-Hob is on the site, track listing to follow. And a recording of the set from my recent party – with some Jhob/Rightee b2b bizness and the sounds of MC Jarrison on the Mike.