rightee mix

Ok heres a mix I did last night. It’s ok – not the best but then it never is when you record. Starts off quite light but goes heavier later on…

DJ Marky vs XRS – Real Good
EZ Rollers – Back 2 Love
Mist:i:cal – Mistical Dub
London Elektricity – Billion Dollar Gravy (10:42)
Shy Fx vs T Power – Feelin’ You (Dancefloor Mix) (13:12)
Social Security – Take Away
Cookie Monsters – Keep It Coming (20:00)
Generation Dub – I Cant Take
Syncopix – Swollen (24:38)
M.I.S.T – Barracuda
FutureTech – Indian Summer (30:40)
Danny C – Happy Hour (33:53)
Zinc – Casino Royal (remix) (36:24)
M.I.S.T vs High Contrast – 3AM (40:00)
Futuresound & Codek – Get on up (44:30)
RAM Trilogy – Screamer (47:00)
Fresh – Elm Street
Uncut – Midnight 2003
influx uk – Take My (56:00)
M.I.S.T vs Marky & XRS – Sunshine (touch me)
London Elektricity – Life Is Beautiful
John b – Up All Night (remix)
Pendulum – Vault
+ )EIB( – The Nine (71:02)


WOW. Just had a go on a segway and it was one of the strangest things I have ever experienced.

For those that don’t know the Segway is a sort of transportion device which is just 2 wheels, a post to hold onto and some innovative gyroscopes and computers inside that control everything.

When you get on it just balances, it uses the bodies own balance to control it (See How Stuff Works). You lean forward, it moves forward, you move back it brakes or goes in reverse. You turn on the spot using a control on the handle. The only console is a smiley face showing the battery life.

Ok, so it’s quite revolutionary but it costs like £5,800 pounds, only goes 10miles before recharge, although top speed is 15mph. It looks strange and people look strangely at you when you are on it. Hopefully it won’t go the same way as the Sinclair C5.

And in the land of the ‘free’ won’t it make Americans even fatter when they use it for those short journeys from their car to the shop…

I also tried out the Zap Extreme too and for 5300 pounds less I prefer that for scooting around, it’s portable too.

more mobs

It appears that the mob meme is spreading across the world. There has been a lot of talk on the web and in real media about the phenomenon. Mobs have now taken place in Rome, Paris, Austria and many in the US. But what about poor old Blighty?

Well there are now sites publicising Mobs in London (Soho), Birmingham and Sheffield – they all appear to be mailing lists and emails you can register on. London appears to be the first on the 7th, I’m definitely going to try to make that one and hopefully Sheffield whenever that one is.

For more info check out cheesebikini and flashmob.info


Firstly I enter Tesco and an hounded (well asked) by a lady if I would like a Clubcard. Now when I used to work at Sainsburys all those years ago in my youth I remember the ‘excitement’ of the Reward Card. But an excellent article in the Guardian last weekend highlighted the ‘dangers’ of these loyalty cards. Well not so much dangers, but you give them a lot of information for a small (typically 1%) reward. They know everything you buy, when you buy it, how much you spend, what you spend it on. This reach goes further with your Nectar card: when you buy petrol (BP) (+ where you are), what calls you make (Vodafone), amongst other shops. Ok, so they don’t share their marketing databases but it’s probably only a matter of time.

If you don’t mind them knowing what you like then I suppose it’s fine but the negative effects such as the smart tactics they can use are scary. If they know enough people like a certain product, they could increase the price of an item in a certain store to see if the increase alters demand. They could ‘groom’ their top 10% of customers and make them pay more because they are loyal to the supermarket because of the card.

Oh and the RFID chips embedded into Mach 3 products which activate a camera is another sign that these chips could soon be embedded into everything… Fine for the distribution chains. Not so fine when someone could use a card reader to work out everything you are wearing, what is in your bag and link you as a person walking around a shop to the products you approach, ignore and purchase…

Oh yeah and 3 Muller Yogurts for 99p (a bargain I thought), not til I left the checkout did I realise that they were 34p each. You do the maths….

hyde park

Ah it’s a beautiful day and I’m sat blogging in Hyde Park by the fountains at the Lancaster Gate entrance…. Nothing else to say about that really apart from being unable to include a photo with this post cos my phone doesnt allow sending via infra-red…. Oh well back to sunbathing 😉