(Belated) Happy New Year

Welcome to 2004! I feel like the year has only just started as I only got back to work today after a very extended break. The last month has been another long break hence no time for rightee.com – 2004 promises to be action packed and I will be getting back on track with the website… resolutions are there to be broken of course!

30 days in (about) 30 phrases:
One week work & Five weeks off – Virgin Trains working – DVDs on Trains – Christmas meal finishing at 8am – Not seeing daylight – Christmas Eve mad shopping dash – Wear more hats! – Hot wine and Cinammon biscuits – Cold Sheffield – Christmas Eve on a packed train – Christmas TV at home – Otterspool prom – Lets go fly a kite – Didsbury nearly a dozen – Alarms bells ringing – Chai! – New Years Eve Champagne – Partying at the Earl til 6am – Snow in Sheffield – Recovering with Sound of Music, Grease and Brucie – Trains to Edinburgh – First time in Scotland – Ferris Wheels and Ice Skating – Ghost Tours with Poltergeists – Quality Bars and Restaurants – Forth Rail Bridge getting painted – Spas, Saunas, Jacuzzis and Ozone Pools – Tay Bridge, Castles and Lighthouses – The Balmoral, Edinburgh; quality hotel – Swapping Gloves – Monty Python – Sheffield and Reading!

Right thats it – a month into a minute. BTW Comments work again so looking forward to some (un)constructive comments again 😉

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