Glastonbury 2004

Now that the mud has dried, multiple loads of washing have been rinsed and my brain has returned to Planet Earth, it’s time for my Glastonbury review!

The night before we went to the Peaks for a pub meal and the weather was like mid-winter, gusting winds and non-existant visibility. I didn’t fancy spending a few days exposed to the elements.. 5 minutes was enough. Anyway as we pulled away from Sheffield at 6am on Thursday morning the rain was still beating down. As we headed south the blue skies came out.

As the Radio Glastonbury presenter warned us not to cook food inside our tents we meandered slowly through Street and Glastonbury before eventually hitting the car parks and our first view of some glastonbury “mud”… (not much though).. The site is huge and lugging lots of bags and rucksacks is not the easiest thing. Plus we decided to have some luxuries this year so travel pillows and a double airbed added to the weight – not forgetting the packs of lager and wine boxes.

We found a spot very near to last year and attempted to put the tents up. The wind was making life pretty difficult for us but I’m sure a dozen monkeys could erect my new tent. Who needs guyropes?

Thursday night seems a long time ago now but suffice to say we got very drunk and watched the England match along with 60 thousand others and felt a huge spectrum of emotions and liquids flying above our heads during the 120 minutes… The crowd was in a somber mood at the end… and my head hit the pillow soon after with sounds of drumming at the stone circle in the distance.

So the “real” festival doesn’t start until Friday, but as I’ve said many times it’s not just about the music – infact it’s probably not about the music much at all. Well ok.. a little bit. But you could live 100 different Glastonburys and never do the same thing.

Friday was a scorcher and there were some red foreheads and necks by the end of the day.

Here’s what I remember seeing anyway, although now it was nearly 2 months ago it seems a bit of a blur.

I Am Kloot
The Rapture
Franz Ferdinand


Sister Sledge
Gwen Dickey’s Rose Royce
Lamb (special)
British Sea Power


When Worlds Collide
James Brown