Notting Hill

Off to London in a bit. Back to the hustle and bustle and away from the peace and tranquility and “other worldness” of the allotment! I’ve never watched Gardeners World before but last night it was a Sheffield special from the Botanical gardens and they also featured the allotments next to mine.

Last weekend was Shefstock, a free festival in the “middle of nowhere” but you could see the M1 about a mile away in the distance which was quite surreal. There was a band tent and about 6 dance tents. We had a lot of fun! No photos unfortunately but maybe some videos of us rolling a hula-hoop down a huge hill will be posted at some point! I’ve spent the best part of the week recovering from that by eating well, visiting the allotments a lot and cycling everywhere!
This weekend I’m also going to the TDK Cross Central event, well tonight actually. Looks like a good line up. I’m sure we will have a good evening! And then a drum n bass night called Traffic tomorrow night. Phew!