Caught out by time again!

Another month has flown by and I’ve got another year older but it’s all been great!

My birthday weekend (2nd September) was spent supping Champagne at midnight and then drinking with a few mates in town. John and Viv bought me a mango which was the star the of the evening. I finished it the following Tuesday as a refreshing mango shake before work!

Ended up at Razor Stiletto where we saw Mu performing live. Was quite a show. Impossible to describe but quite frenetic. I even managed to sneak upstairs after than and spend a couple of hours in Urban Gorilla. Only downside – all I ate was 2 portions of chips on my birthday!

On Sunday caught up with the folks with a nice feed and saw my old Hall of Residence, Earnshaw, demolished. Just under 10 years since I was there. Boo… 🙁

My London birthday weekend 😉 (9th September!) was spent mainly clubbing. On the Friday we went to Hospitality at Heaven (Next one is 24th November BTW) and ended up sitting in deckchairs by the Thames at 7am… (And me finding places to pose some photos of course!)

Then a long sleep later, drinks, food led us to Fabric til a lot later.. The music was amazing and we met some amazing people! (Yes more staging of photos! Maybe I should do this for a living!)

We somehow ended up at Tate Modern and I have a vague recollection of me and Leanne walking through the galleries in only our socks and carrying one of those oversized roses. I think the tourists liked it!

Last weekend was spent in Sheffield/Manchester and I watched Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth. I know I go on about environmental stuff, but EVERYONE has to watch this film. I DEMAND it!!! Anyway some drinks, a long walk along the (puny manc) Mersey and a visit to an Organic Market. Also drank a £1.50 pint of beer which I didn’t think existed anymore (just in a normal pub)… Found some interesting padlocks and walls as part of my new flickr projects!

Then early on Monday morning I got on the train to take me to Machynlleth and a new phase of my life entirely! (which has to be another post!)…

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