Oxfam hat

Welcome to rightee.com. This blog has been about for many years and used to be (semi-) regularly updated.

However times change and new projects have come along including bringing up a young family so I don’t have time to update this site as much, so this is going to stay here as redirection to those other projects.

My main two projects are as follows. Check out Andys Bread for my micro-bakery site and The Loop Project for mine and Leanne’s work website. It’s a bit hard-to-describe what we do. But being busy doing a bit of this and a bit of that and a lot of thinking and drinking tea (and beer and cider), growing veg, graphic design and setting up the Llanidloes Kitchen Project.

What else? Well I finished an MSc at the Centre of Alternative Technology in 2010 and wrote a thesis on local food production, You can click on the studies section to download the essays. Contact me if you want to read my thesis.

Finally I do like to take the odd photo. And although the cameras I used are not particular high-tech, I like to think I take the odd good photo. A few have been published online and in print.

Various places seem to use photos (But I do use a creative commons license so it’s fine)

  • CafeBabel article about Freiburg
  • Quite a lot have popped up on wikipedia and wikimedia at times too