Top 28 Photos + the return

Wow it’s been months since I wrote anything on here. Been really busy but there is no excuse for a spot of work skiving blogging I suppose.

Spring/Summer has arrived and with 20 minutes to go until Bank Holiday weekend I can almost smell the freshly mown grass from my office. This weekend has the delights of a Departure and Hot Hot Heat gig this evening. A leaving do (not mine), a birthday party and my mates djing at Drum n Bass arena at Corporation on Sunday night. Throw in a BBQ and some wicker man burning and its all set up for a good weekend.

I’ve put my favourite 28 (7×4) photos on flickr… take a look – let me know what you like/hate..

I’ve been in the Czech republic too, some photos of botels, snow, beer and prague up there too. And last weekend’s 18 hour stint in London reminds me pictorally what I did cos mentally I haven’t got much of a clue.

So it’s the election next week, the start of a drumming course and a gig Ella Guru (who are amazing) in Liverpool to go and watch..

Await the next post after Glastonbury 2005 (yes got tickets in a very satisfying 25 minutes)…!