kick aas

kickAAS deserves a link. The forthcoming trade talks in Cancun may again be dominated by the west with the “third” world coming out again as losers. We need to stop agricultural subsidies, the US and Europe can talk all they like about ‘free trade’ but this all flows in one direction. Through the forceful nature of IMF reforms countries must open up their markets, privatise their key industries and then find their market flooded with subsidised western products before their own industries are strong enough to compete on the world stage. Why should this happen when the these countries can produce certain products much more efficiently, bringing reductions in poverty, greater motivation and a more efficient market – isn’t that what the capitalists desire anyway?


So I missed it (grr too much work) but the UK’s first mob passed off relatively successfully in London last night. The Guardian has
this report. Also check out flashmob
for another report. It seems that the place to congregate was closed for the day and there were some timing sychronization issues. Still seemed like a laugh. Wonder where the next one will be?

no moans!

For once I am going to say something good about poor beleaguered Virgin Voyager Services. It left on time, the air conditioning worked, the staff were friendly, it arrived at every station on time and arriving at Reading 2 minutes early. Thank goodness the air conditioning was working, when I alighted at Reading, the smell and the heat reminded me of leaving the airconditioned safety of Bangkok airport for the first time – hard to describe unless you’ve been to that climate – but it has been very hot today and that sort of humid smell is definitely prevelant!