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Shazamâ„¢ is the coolest thing in the net/mobile world at the moment. If you are listening to a tune in a pub or club, on the radio and you really want to know what it is – just give shazam a ring – 2580 – then listen to the command to put your phone near the loud music. After 15 seconds the people at the other end will listen to your music and text you back with the artist and song name. And you can go to the web site and view your tags. Cool stuff. (and i don’t think they have banks of music experts on the other end of the phone – i imagine it’s slightly more hi-tech)

Today there have been some

Today there have been some reports about internet addiction flying around the net today… First there was the article about employees who waste up to 1/5 of their working week (yes, 1 day out of five) surfing the net. This to me is unbelieveable! How can people do this, it’s just unthinkable. “Cyberslacking” has no place in the workplace of the 21st century. Then Yahoo! confirmed these startling figures by announcing how these internet addicts have problems with relationships, social withdrawal and low productivity. Glad I don’t know anyone like that. Luckily for these timewasters, only 8% of employers report any knowledge of this addiction – so those who have an issue with this can carry on for the time being. Terrible….