I’ve been depressed…. don’t really know why, but you start thinking about where the world is going and what part you have to play in it. Most of the time I feel that we can’t do anything about global issues such as the environment, conflict, politics. Maybe there are people who feel they still have a voice…. A few generations ago you would have had a job and it would have served a purpose, probably in your own community. You would see the fruits of your labour. People would say that the quality of life wasn’t as good. Statements like “People weren’t as well off”, “There was nothing to do” come to mind. Nowadays, we have too much information to consume, some of us work in jobs that don’t really seem to serve any purpose. I mean, the majority of people in the western world sit behind computer screens fixing problems or performing tasks that wouldn’t have any significance if they didn’t perform them. There are millions of people in call centres, an industry invented just in time in the UK to avoid huge increases in unemployment just as Thatcher’s manufacturing destruction hit hard. Even the “traditional” manufacturing jobs that have moved out east have hardly been beneficial for those who work there. They earn a pittance whilst the corporate fat-cats get fatter and we spend our “hard-earned cash” on pairs of over-priced branded clothing. Western-style brainwashing and Eastern-style slavery appear to go hand in hand in the 21st century