Shambala Photos are now available on flickr. I can probably say I much prefer the smaller festivals to Glastonbury (although I’d also be depressed if I wasn’t there!) Getting around Glasto can take up so much of the time (I wonder what the average ‘commute’ between stages is?) Shambala/Wickerman involved 5 minute walks between campsite/food/music/beer which meant there was much more time for lying in the sun, watching the clouds drift by and listening to the music.

3 festivals, 3 posts! It’s been a hectic summer and apart from work hours I’ve hardly spent any time sat inside on the computer. That’s why there is a real lack of posts. Once the sun starts setting at a depressing 5pm I’m sure I’ll resume my sitting position infront of the TV/DVD Player and computer.

As an aside – these photos (150 of em) of Glastonbury 1971 sent a shiver down my spine. I was just imagining being there.. 1 stage and the farm for food!

There has been a lot going on in Sheffield over the summer. Lots of local festivals as well as Peace in the Park, Devonshire Jam, Earl Jam etc… The sun has been kind to us too although after this morning’s torrential rain there is something freaky going on with the weather.

Saw Antony Gormley’s “Another Place” when I was over in Liverpool at the weekend. A set of 100 sculptures on Crosby beach. Photos are here

After my last foray into “Peak Oil”, the latest book I’m about to embark on is Michael Ruppert’s “Crossing The Rubicon” (The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil).. Its just under 700 pages long so it’s going to keep me busy for a while I imagine.

Finally if you are bored and fancy a film that will make you think (no, not The Island.. which was terrible) try Waking Life. It’s all about lucid dreams and the reality of human existence. It has certainly made me think but I need to watch it again. If you are interested about “controlling” your dreams – take a look here. Sounds quite freaky but exciting. I’m going to keep a dream book and give it a whirl!