So to the bands: a quick reminder for myself of what I saw: (and links to band web-sites!)
Alabama 3 (Pyramid) – never really seen or heard before, they were quirky, interesting country sound and got the crowd going
Telepopmusik (Dance) – Thought they were French but everyone seemed to be english – good mix of sounds – electro hip hop sound.
British Sea Power weird weird weird. Stoney faced army-jacket-wearing youths from Cumbria with a hard rock gritty northern sound. Lead singer has intense scary piercing eyes – Starting the gig with war poetry (was it Wilfred Owen or Keats?), work through a set (both musical and aerobic) & ending with the on-stage destruction of most of their instruments…. Bizarre
Doves – What a band! My favourite band of the year so far (and 2nd best London gig – see mercury rev later). They performed a blinding set with a mixture of tracks off the two albums and the Pyramid Stage sound system didn’t disappoint either. Not quite as ear-drum shattering as the Astoria gig but nevertheless impressive. Check out some of their retro-styled videos off the web site.
Mercury Rev – After an awesome gig at the Shepherds Bush Empire. The charismatic warblings of Jonathan Donahue never fails to inspire with his dramatic onstage presence and awe-inspiring melodies. The cinematic chaos of the music is just fantastic and touching to the soul.
Faithless– Wow! Ever band I had seen so far today had been awesome. Faithless didn’t disappoint, with a range of crowd pleasing songs and a expectant, excited crowd ready to perform it was a perfect collison of sound. Even stood half-way back, the atmosphere as the sun set was celestial like.
Coldplay– A dramatic on-stage presence and intense sound was let down by the lead singer stopping songs after 30 seconds to mutter about some video screens or the crowd or what he was wearing. It was an intense performance once the music started but didn’t last it out to the end. They’re not quite the headlining band that the Pyramid stage needs….

Glastonbury….. Start

Glastonbury….. Where to start. My life has changed in oh so many ways!!! The music was great, saw a lot of bands that I wanted to see, but it was just the good weather, the relaxed nature and the vibe throughout the site that made it so special. Highlight was probably the first night, sat around the stone circle waiting for the sun to set. Everyone was smiling, people playing drums, the uk tribes converging on one arena. As the last trace of the sun slowly sank below the distant Somerset fields the pounding drums sounded as one, as did the cries and screams of a thousand voices. It was a mind-blowing experience. As the weekend progressed not only did my thoughts begin to change, but my view of reality and what it means to be alive changed. No-one discussed work, stock markets, plane crashes. There were no meetings, no politics, no logos. Just humans enjoying being free, doing as they wished for 72 hours. No buses to catch, no deadlines to meet. Confrontations rarely happened, people did what they wanted and everyone had their own space. It could have lasted a thousand days, a thousand years and it wouldn’t have been long enough….