second superpower is emerging

The Second Superpower is not Russia or the European Union, but the collective intelligence of the global social movement. This movement exists virtually and in the “real world”, ideas are passed around using email, instant messaging, blogs, websites. A single individuals good idea can be expedited around the globe in hours. Bottom-up emergence is starting to become a reality where the power is formed collectively as a group rather than in a traditional “top-down” (Prime Minister, Government, Councillors, Citizens) model. Of course, this has only just started but in the last ten years a local protest can become a national protest, an individuals fight against a greater force can be followed by anyone with a net connection. It’s not all perfect, the second superpower can only thrive through the freedoms granted by the first and there is still obviously a dominance of the traditional model (one example is the mass media who still yield huge power). Read the document and i’d also recommend a basic(-ish) introduction to emergence theory, which is the basic premise behind bottom-up systems.

Moores Latest Project

At least Michael Moore isn’t shying away from the limelight. His upcoming film is going to be a documentary about the shady goings on between the Bush’s and the Bin Ladens (whose links apparantly continued after September 11th). There is still a lot of comment and criticism about his previous film, Bowling for Columbine, which I thought was excellent. Having won an Oscar for the film, given a great anti-war speech against all the boos and jeers and having best selling books on both sides of the pond – 2003 could be Moore’s year (again…)