0870 830 2004

“Thank You for calling the Aloud.com ticket line….” The first time I heard this after 2 hours of pushing redial on my phone, I was about to cry tears of joy, but then…. “…..all lines are busy at the moment, please try again or log onto our website”… Oh you mean the website that got 300,000 hits at 8pm when it was activated and crashed and is still crashing and giving errors at 3 o’clock in the morning (sounds like a good name for a tune ;-))

7 hours later (yes SEVEN hours) and I’ve been sat clicking refresh on a screen saying “Service is currently busy”, dialling on my mobile and landline, chatting to Hobson on Instant Messenger and listening to how many tickets are left on Radio 1. Sometimes I start thinking in engaged tones, sometimes my vision is just numbers – specifically 0870 830 2004 for some reason. And now safe in the knowledge that I couldve woken up at 4am and probably got a ticket rather than destroying my eardrums with piercing rings and beeps… Well it’s one way to spend an eight hours of your life I suppose. If only it couldve been in work time with nice handsfree phones..

No – I don’t have a ticket yet…..