moving on

all change

Yeah it’s been a while between updates but its about time i wrote something about what
things have been going on.

For those who don’t know – i’ve resigned from my current job in Reading and will soon
be embarking on new things up in Sheffield. Well I’ve been away for nearly 4 years now
and i was missing the place (amongst other things!) so it’s time to go back.

So I got a job at the University (i hope – no contract yet 😉 ) starting in July. So
I have 6 weeks between now and then to find somewhere to live. Well actually last week
I decided I needed some time away so I’ll be off to South East Asia (yes, again!) for 4
weeks this Friday. Jess is over there now so a few days on a Thai Beach first to work off
the stresses of the moment, then going to Laos, Malaysia and ending up in Singapore.

Then of course Glastonbury comes along (please dont rain) and then I have a week before I
start. Can’t complain really.

I have found myself a nice storage unit up near the University. Its 6×5 ft
so I’ll just about be able to set up a bed-sit in there if things go horribly wrong.

Travelling is where the blog works well so I’ll be making regular updates on here rather
than emails. (Apart from Laos where the net crawls along apparantly)

So see you all soon 😉