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Busy at work!

You know work’s getting busy when there is no time in the day to surf the web. Here’s a prediction – house prices rising the fastest they have done ever! It’ll all be over by Christmas, then I’ll be snapping up a 50K house in Fulham….


Quite possibly the worst journey home since moving to London. On arriving at Paddington station I discovered that my front bike wheel had been stolen. What could anyone possibly want with one bloody wheel? And how did they ‘smuggle’ it out of the train station? Then to finish, I had the arduous journey home waiting for a bus for about 30 minutes, then it was of full and they wouldn’t let anyone on. So I had to walk back home. Now I’m thinking how to claim the costs back – it wasn’t locked up (well the wheel wasn’t) and it has to be fixed. Why didn’t I just say that my bike had been stolen? Oh well, they are bound to screw me anyway. Maybe I’ll just get a car…..


One minute there are 21 employees doing no work, now there are 14 doing too much work – but the irony (in an Alanis Morisette sort of way) is that we just don’t have enough people now. So will they hire the useful people again? Doubt they’d come back, whatever the price. But we’ll just have to work twice as hard. That’s ok for a while but when i’m sat here eating pizzas at 10pm – i won’t be happy. Moaning over. I finally got rid of the “John Hobson is gay” quote off my web-site which i’m sure he’ll be please about anyway. Maybe i’ll mention something about spitfires now, maybe not…

Content, Content, Content

The worst thing about having a website is thinking of something to put on it. I mean, most people’s personal web-sites have a load of useless, inane facts about themselves along with some ‘crazy’ pictures of them. I know, i’ve done it, many years ago. Since that day however my website has been “coming soon” – what that means, i’m not exactly sure, but maybe trying to actually produce something quality about something that interests me would be a start. I normally get this idea about midnight and then the next day I’m too busy working, reading or sleeping.