Now for Saturday’s reviews. Having had a pretty early night on saturday 😉 , the early morning hot shower, shave, jog and full english breakfast were most enjoyable. and if you believe that…… well, just don’t. The coral started early afternoon after having enjoying a digestive, glass of water and a warm Grolsch..

The Coral – A band from my home peninsula so they must be good. Well they actually are. They play great guitar tunes from a mix of influences: a mix of psychedelic rock, Doors style, with a bit of the La’s (of course) and Madness . Although each song has the same theme. Start slowly, have a mad middle section, then slow down again with long drawn out synths and guitar wah-wahs. Still, they music is pacey and easily accessible even for new-comers. Noel Gallagher is a fan – he was in the crowd for one of their recent London gigs – i was there too!

Now enter the Dance tent for 4 hours of crazy dark drum’n’bass. Could have been in Bar Rumba or Fabric, as those west end samba beats and harsh east london vibes moved to Glasto for one weekend only. DJ Marky and Patife play off each other well, Marky providing the harsher sounds and famous tracks while Patife provided a more latino rhythmic experience. After that what better than Full Cycle to keep the party banging. Roni, Dynamite, Krust et al. providing the near capacity dance tent with more than enough reasons to avoid leaving the darkness of the tent for the sunshine outside. Despite the disappointment of the main speakers breaking down half way through, meaning the bass was reduced to near silence, they carried on through and when the system was fixed we were in for a treat as the djs spun some of the finest dnb around!

After four hours dancing, it was back to the Pyramid stage for the surreal Brother/Wife/Husband/Sister quirkiness of the White Stripes – dressed in trademark red and doing a better job of filling the enormous pyramid stage than a full orchestra could, they engaged in their high-velocity rock set. Enjoyable but I think they could do with a bass or 2nd guitarist just to pad the set out a bit. But could another player cope in their tangled love/lust affair?

To finish the night where Orbital played an awesome set on the Other Stage. Again, two people filled the stage with their electo-gadgetry and pulsating torch beam eye wear. The Hartnoll brothers played a brilliant set to the crowd, the most intense was of course Satan. A combination of fantastic lighting, sound system and beats made this one of the greatest sets of Glastonbury this year. Everyone left the arena knowing that the Stereophonic with their loose guitar sound could never bring a crowd up like they had achieved.

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