drunken fool

saw the coral play at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire last night. What seemed like a typically non-active London crowd turned into a mosh-pit to rival the best heavy metal gig! For 45 minutes we were flung around the front of the stage. Although looking behind, the pace of the crowd was slightly more sedate. They played a good set from what I can remember. By the end, my jacket was pulled down and I felt like I’d been dancing for hours at a drum n bass night. Luckily thats what we decided to do. So we continued onto movement @ bar rumba (strange place for a drum n bass night, on the fringe of the Trocadero). Top night as usual although in racing back to get the 0335 train from London to Reading, I took a schoolboy tumble and ripped my jeans and took most of the skin off my hand. Nice. Got back home at about 5.15 and up at 9am for work….. Unproductive is my middle name today. Oh well, it’s Friday. My housemate called me a drunken fool, can’t say fairer than that really.

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