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I have sort of started a blog on the subject of djing. (I have recently joined the amazing world of being a vinyl junkie). You can find it here. There is also a list of the vinyl I’ve bought recently – still a lot of good stuff that I want but that will have to wait until the new year 😉 Hopefully 2003 will mean some gigging out – but a lot of practise required first…. I never thought I’d appreciate how good it feels to do a good mix (and drum’n’bass is regarded as very difficult to mix due to it’s off-beat structure) and also to flick through a load of vinyl selecting the next tune is so much more rewarding than CD’s – I’m a convert!…

We have broadband in our house now and if you don’t have it – you should. Going back to dial-up would be pretty difficult I think. On the first night, I downloaded so much live video and audio off – they have concerts/videos/live performances. It’s also great for listening to streamed radio from anywhere in the world without any buffering, I could also watch live football on the BBC website. When this becomes present in the majority of people’s homes the Internet will step up to a higher level. You won’t actually think about the net being there, it will become like the TV – you’ll use it and find out traffic, weather, news whenever you want – without booting up and dialling up.

Then, when ‘push’ services start to appear, your computer will probably ring/beep like a telephone to tell you when something happens that you have been waiting for… I’ve read a lot about intelligent devices like alarm clocks that adjust the wake up time according to traffic jams on a person’s commute or train delays, when you wake up it informs you of them… sounds pretty hi-tech but it’s only a couple of years away. Oh and wireless screens about A4 size and an inch thick that you can use to surf net sat on your settee wirelessly.

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  1. Nice one Rightee! Just replaced my antique 70’s turntable with a couple of shiny new decks and trying to get to grips with the art of extreme vinyl manipulation. Very very addictive…

    BTW, I can confirm I will be joining the massive for Headcharge, ticket had been procured. Bosh!

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