it’s all good!

Meeting some of the world’s best drum n bass djs and producers was not something I expected to happen last Friday evening but it turned out that the Ram Records Christmas party was more like the Ram Records office party!

The night, at the end was pretty banging. J Majik, Ed Rush & Optical were laying down some heavy beats and Andy C, the executioner, played a two hour set from 2-4am.

After that set I was in the bar drinking a Red Bull when Andy C came up next to me to order some drinks. We started talking about his set, drum n bass and venues in France/Belgium (where the crowds are mad apparantly). He then asked if I wanted a beer (bar shut at 3 – one rule for the djs, one for the proles) so I enjoyed a nice Becks courtesy of Andy C himself. Quality. Nicest beer I’ve had for a while! 😉

Later on spoke to Foxy (MC), Mampi Swift (another DJ) and stumbled across a few others (Red One, Fats). It was good that they were not hiding themselves away in some VIP bar and appeared to be enjoying the set by Bryan Gee in the smaller room as much as the next man! Overall was a very good night, venue was up to scratch as usual and the sound system was heavy.

2 thoughts on “it’s all good!”

  1. Wrighty,

    I have got my mobile replaced now. Give me a bell when you get this if you want to come over at any point over the festive season.

    Speak to you soon,


  2. Interesting, it appears that some comments are filtered out by the editor, not really in keeping with the idea of free speech.

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