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As we all know the internet is the perfect place to get as much free music and video as your ears can stand using the likes of audiogalaxy, kazaa and soulseek, in fact I was watching Spiderman which my housemate downloaded. The music industry has repeatedly tried to shut such services down but as broadband grows and more of the population owns PCs, Wireless players, integrated sound systems within their homes, this form of transferral can only grow exponentially. Whatever means of protection is added to CDs or cessation of online sharing sites, someone somewhere will be cracking the protection or writing new code.

All I can say in my own personal experience is that these sites are good for ‘testing’ out a new band or listening to music that I would never ever have considered buying previously. When I come across something really good, I go out and buy the CD. (Examples: Flaming Lips, DJ Shadow)Why? Well the old argument that the artist is in need of the money is true, even if the execs cream off the majority of the profit.

Since the start of the year, the 365days site has been offering an MP3 for download each day. These ‘tracks’ are completely random – so far there has been an Elvis Impersonator, 50s KFC Theme tune & I’m a Mormon. Weird but funny to listen in each day. Also check out these Singing Science Records. Very funny.

As bootlegs are very much en vogue at the moment – championed by XFMs show on a Sunday evening, there some good sites around. My favourite is Go Home Productions, based in Manchester – got a good Stone Roses/Sugababes bootleg yesterday.

Bands I’ve been listening to this year – the bays, Sigur Ros, Electric Six and the Audio Bullys (We Dont Care). All very good and they all have free MP3s that you can grab off the sites. Oh and that new Panjabi Mc track Mundian To Bach Ke is quality. You’ll know it when you hear the Knightrider bass in the background fusing with Bhangra.

Finally, some portals that can’t go without a mention. I must use AllMusic every day to find out about genres, bands, albums. Best music site on the net. Discogs is a good database of electronic music too. I think i’ve mentioned it before but metacritic does a good job of aggregating film and music reviews and is a perfect example of the diversity in individual reviewer’s opinions and ratings.

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  1. Welcome back! Good call, that Punjabi MC tune rocks like a bastard. Only wish I knew what the words meant…

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