Doves EP

I found a Doves EP on Soulseek, which has 4 tracks – Hit the Ground Running, Far From Grace, Northenden and Willow Song. Have to say it is amazingly good. Very melancholic. Don’t think it’s possible to buy it anywhere (cos it was deleted on day of release) but really worth a listen if you can. (Oh yeah, I was star-spotting in Asda in Manchester over Christmas and I saw Jimmy Goodwin out of the Doves in the chilled foods aisle – hence I was cheesy enough to congratulate him on his albums and his gigs @ Glastonbury and Brixton….)

I’ve also been listening to Autumn Shade which is the second track on the Vines album – Highly Evolved. Doesnt seen like it should be on this album as most of the other tracks are post-grunge and aggressive, this one is much more atmospheric and reflective – it’s too short though, needs a second verse.

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