A plea from OXFAM

War in Iraq is getting closer every day. Your voice is needed before it becomes a disaster for Iraq’s people. Take action now to prevent this crisis:

Oxfam is enabling you to email Prime Minister Tony Blair at: http://oxfam.org.uk/iraqactnow

The people of Iraq are still suffering the effects of bombing during the 1991 Gulf War. Twelve years of economic sanctions, and their own government’s policies, have made things worse.

Nearly two-thirds of Iraqis – more than 15 million people – depend entirely on food rations distributed by their government. Any attack, particularly if it destroys roads and bridges, could stop the food reaching those people. They would go hungry.

When Oxfam aid workers first entered Iraq at the end of the 1991 Gulf War, they found a public health disaster. There was sewage in the streets because air strikes had destroyed the electricity supplies which powered sanitation and water
systems. Twelve years later, much of that damage has still not been repaired. Similar attacks now could make things even worse.

Those who propose war have not yet shown that any threat from Iraq is so imminent that it justifies the risk of so much human suffering. For more information see:

– Email Prime Minister Tony Blair at:

Thank You

2 thoughts on “A plea from OXFAM”

  1. Followed the link. Sent the email. Cheers for sticking that one up. Oxfam’s argument is just another one showing that this isn’t the war of liberation it’s touted as. You don’t liberate people by bombing the shit out of them, at least not last time i checked.

  2. Dear Mr Blair ,
    I do not want our country to go to war against Iraq and am deeply disappointed by your position at present re Iraq. I voted for you and will not do so again should you choose to act against the desire of so many people in the UK who like me do not believe you are justified in going to war. Britain has not been attacked by Iraq and in my opinion has no right to attack that country [despite Saddam Hussain’n despicable record] It is a country already on its knees through sanctions and the loss of lives and numbers of refugees in Iraq would be tragic. I also believe it would lead to greater instability in the world. I do not believe the link between terrorism and Saddam Hussain is clear at all. Please take note of the numbers at the anti war March in Glasgow on Saturday the 15th February.
    Yours sincerely
    Alison Newell [Edinburgh]

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