Daily Mirror is Anti-War

The Mirror published an article by John Pilger yesterday, entitled “Blair is a coward”. Worth a read. The Anti-War crusade is taking shape now. Hope the ‘war’ doesn’t start before the 15th.

On a lighter note, it’s snowing in Reading today which means that the 1inch of snow made the whole traffic infrastructure collapse. People took hours to get to work and countless others didn’t bother getting out of their beds. I’ve been informed that it hasn’t snowed in Sheffield – something very bad is going on with our weather system if it’s snowing down South and not in Sheffield….

One thought on “Daily Mirror is Anti-War”

  1. I have heard that the snow is supposed to get quite bad over West London and people are advised not to used the M40.
    Its just started snowing at Canary Wharf – the snow is acting very stange and going in every direction. I hope it does not effect my drinking tonight…Hope everyone is well. Jo x

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