big up the bassic massive

BUMP… Remember next next Saturday is the first Bassic Standardz night being held at the Raynor Lounge within Sheffield University. Get there early cos it’s a small venue. I believe j-hob is playing a liquid funk set at about 10pm…. Good luck mate.

One thought on “big up the bassic massive”

  1. I’m not playing a ‘liquid funk’ set! I won’t be playing a lot of the heavy tunes that I like, so it will have a more relaxed pace, probably quite jump-up.

    And I’m on at 9pm NOT10pm. Other than that Rightee, you’re spot on! 😉 (edited by rightee [5-Feb-2003], cos j-hob was not spot on…)

    Gonna be a heavy night and we now have Ricochet headlining!

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