a right mess up

Oops. Luckily I just checked my emails because I am supposed to be flying out to Nice on Monday for a conference.

Unfortunately I obviously send the mail to book the flights while my brain was asleep and am going on the Monday 17th March instead of Monday 17thFebruary. (Why did February have to have 28 days…) There are 25000 people going to the conference so there are virtually no flights left. My £47 Easyjet flight is available for a week in March though 😉

I may now be going London->Frankfurt->Marseilles->Nice. Can’t wait…. Oh and don’t even ask where I’m going to get accommodation on the Cote d’Azur!

One thought on “a right mess up”

  1. hey fool!

    you could sleep in some cardboard boxes on your exhibition stand?

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