friday boredom fixed!

Thanks to my brother for pointing me in the direction of this reflex game. (Comes courtesy of He claims to get 0.141 but my best is 0.31 seconds. I’ll never be a fighter pilot – lucky really.

The person who made must have a hell of a lot of time on their hands. I especially like the retro feel, How to Dance Properly (which a few of my friends should have a look at!..) and that gyro thing. Infact there is so much stuff on here – it’s amazing. Sorry all those non-flashers…

This mind-reading game has been doing the rounds – quite good, for two minutes.

If you hadn’t realised, it’s Valentines Day – so here for all you cynics are some anti-valentine ecards to send to all your friends!

One thought on “friday boredom fixed!”

  1. I got 0.08s on the reaction thing! I think it was just a fluke though. My next best was 0.281s

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