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I’ve just thought that when everyone has camera phones, you won’t be able to lie about where you are. For instance, you say to someone, I’m going to London for the night (or for the kids, I’m going to a mates for the night) – Mum would then say – ok, send me a picture text when you arrive…. I suppose the one way around this is to have a selection of pre-taken photos ready for this occurence (like a picture of yourself looking ill in bed to send to your boss on a Monday morning.

I’ve been saying this for a while, but with the huge decreases in the cost of wi-fi cards and routers recently coupled with the non-existant 3G networks, 3G (or UTMS) could die a painfully slow death before it’s even got off the ground. This article talks about the costs associated. Why would someone want to pay £50 quid a month for a new ‘3’ phone just to watch video of the news and football on a small screen? Wi-fi will be part of the new Intel centrino chips in every laptop next year, so everyone in effect can transmit data wirelessly. The headmap
model could benefit this growth in wireless data.
Wow, that was boring.

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