Sign the Move On Petition

Just received email from

“The response to our emergency petition to the U.N. Security
Council has been nothing short of extraordinary. Less than
two days after the petition was launched, over 550,000 people
have signed, from over 200 countries. It’s a strong message
from the peoples of the world that the Security Council
should support tough inspections in Iraq, not war. It’s also
the fastest-growing online petition we’ve ever seen — and
already one of the largest in history.”

Basically if you haven’t signed the petition do it here. (Sorry the links are white…)


A sneak preview of my photoblog for anyone mildly interested. It was a ‘lovely’ day and I smelt my first BBQ of the year on the way home from work this evening (and saw the smoke..) No photos of that though! Take a look anyway.

Finally Back!

It’s been a long week – but it looks like is now working and will now hopefully be more stable! Its just the bare bones for the moment but there is stuff going on behind the scenes to come pretty soon…. if you have any problems viewing this let me know (