Turnoff Your TV

If you didn’t know its Adbusters: TV Turnoff Week. When Adbusters try to get people to stop staring into a collection of filaments in the corner of their living room, turn it off and get a life… (well only for a week if you can’t cope without your dose of Eastenders like me).

They try to get their ads aired on the major networks in the US (MTV refused so they suggest you ‘jam’ MTV)

As we all know TV has been proven to be one of the greatest addictions to fight (Noam Chomsky writes a lot about that in his short book Media Control).

Do you think you could turn your TV off for 1 night, never mind a week – give it a try and let me know how you get on. (Even if you miss an episode of Cold Feet)…

One thought on “Turnoff Your TV”

  1. Well, last year I managed to go 3 months without TV. My TV broke, the first week was the hardest but after that you start doing crazy things like using your brain or leaving the house. Unfortunately as soon as I got it replaced I turned into a retard again. Doh!

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