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My new role at work means that I have been lucky to get a load of new mobile phones recently (as I am now ‘EMEA Device Tester’ which sounds vaguely good). In essence, I get to play with 12-15 new phones each quarter. The roll-call from last week Ericsson P-800, Nokia 7250, Nokia 7650, Nokia 3650, Siemens S55. With more to come next week.

Most of them have cameras (The S55 has a flash too – I mean you generally want these cameras on nights out and they don’t work in dark clubs…)

I have to say my favourite is the P800 – it is really powerful : Camera, MMS, Bluetooth, Symbian… blah.. blah… More importantly it has game playing capabilities (Doom and MIB2 are ok) and I can play MP3s, surf the net and… yes… use it as a phone too…

I’m trying my hardest not to lose it cos it’s £400 without a contract. On my current streak of losing valuable items, this may be difficult. Will hopefully have phone->blog set up soon so I’ll be able to post things with a picture from wherever I am…

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  1. I have some concerns about your article which appears to offer your personal opinions about the phones you are testing which I am sure you appreciate are in development only at this stage. I am naturally keen to discuss this with you and would be grateful if you could call me on 07779020485.

    Mr Phil Arkwright
    Development Manager, Nokia UK

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