mirror project

I think i’ve mentioned this before, but there is an excellent website called The Mirror Project where the simple idea is for photographers to submit photographs of themselves in any mirrored object. I have a lot of photos of myself doing this, so maybe I will submit one soon (I do it every time I get drunk and then 1/2 the film when developed is of blurred photos of my hand… oh well). Actually I am going to submit this one, see what happens

Anyway, the author of this blog wanted something special for her 40th birthday, she managed to get Moby to submit a mirrored image of himself.

Michael Moore ‘backlash’?

Michael Moore has written a letter regarding his speech at the Oscars and despite the calls for his head from the right wing shock jocks, the following has happened:

– Website gets 10-20 million hits a day
– “Stupid White Men” back to #1 in bestseller list (50th week on list)
– Attendance of “Bowling for Columbine” went up 110% the day after the Oscars.

Maybe there is some hope in America that people are reading/watching/absorbing a variety of views. All is not lost hopefully.