suburban shakedown

Prepare yourself for Saturday May 10th. At a currently undisclosed location in central Reading, ‘Suburban Shakedown’ will be hitting the ‘burbs where it hurts. The South-East’s premier house party will be hosting an eclectic mix of Drum’n’bass, House, Funk, Disco and a little bit of everything in between. With DJ sets from Rightee, J-Hob and the North of England’s very own Disco Liberation Front it’s an event not to be missed. MC Jarrison will be keeping the house in order and calling for the reloads. Boo! If you know where it is, your more than welcome to come…. if you don’t contact me – I might tell you.

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5 thoughts on “suburban shakedown”

  1. this event will go down in history… a unique gathering of musical tribes… with unparalleled production values and an unprecedented line-up of legendary deejays bringing the vibes for you the raving crew. When the call came through from rightee asking me rock the mic in reading one more time I felt priveliged and humbled… and I will not disappoint… I will be coming to spit pure lyrical fire. The countdown has begun.

  2. wha blow rightee! The J-Hob gonna be representing inside, tearing up the decks proper style! Ya dun no! Big up my raving massive, my early morning crew, you know it’s gonna be big this one! Boooooooo!

  3. I’m considering it instead of Tribal Sessions in Manchester…just dont put any shite rap or R&B music on!
    Keep it bangin all the way, and I promise I won’t trash your house up this time!

  4. i will only come if you play that las ketchup song and a bit of bananarama

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