Having been on British soil for less than 36 hours, I now find myself in a small hotel near “la defense” in Paris. I am getting fed up with Terminal 2 in Heathrow and also eating airline food for dinner….

Well I’m here until about 5pm tomorrow when I’ll be stepping back on an Airbus A320 for the 4th time in a week and back to Blighty. At least I got to experience going 170km/h in a taxi in the rain around the “boulevard peripherique”! Doesn’t quite beat motorbike taxis in Bangkok but it was close (The film Taxi springs to mind again….)

The decor in this hotel is traditional turn of the century France, wooden panels, thin doors and toilet/shower room..

Anyway Barcelona was wicked but I’ll have to write about that another time… I’m sure i’ll be back there soon enough anyway! (The moblog was not a real success due to low batteries and lack of Nokia charger in Spain)

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