Barcelona – such a beautiful horizon, as was sung over 10 years ago now. I agree with them too, from Park Guell, Montjuic or on the cable car, it looks fantastic. The mix of the Mediterranean, low rise cityscape with 3 million inhabitants and the mountains in the distance – it’s a perfect setting.

Not that we saw too much of it. The problem (or not?) with Barcelona is the night life is one of the world’s best. How do you fancy going out for dinner from 9-12, going on a little bar crawl until around 3, then going to a club until 6-7 then maybe (ok I flaked out but well done to JA, JHob) for a few more drinks (they stayed up til 10am one night…).. I think overall we managed 3am (Moog), 7am (Drum N Bass club on Nou de la Rambla), 7am (The Loft – Techno) and 3am (‘just’ bars..) which wasn’t bad.

We still managed to get up around 2pm each day for some lightweight tourist action (Ramblas, Montjuic, Park Guell, Cable Car, Pedrera)

I’m still not 100% sure about Tapas – it always seems to be some day old meat or fish thats been reheated, or a plate of Potatoes and tomato sauce… Give me Paella any day 😉 (which was very nice infact)

I honestly can’t thing of a better city to live in (really), less developped than Paris/London. Better weather, very musical/art culture and a beach! It’s also really cheap, we were surprised how cheap drinks were even in clubs (€6 for vodka/lemonade but they were triples) People also have their own identity more there – very refreshing considering the McDonalds-isation of our own society (Food/Drink/Clothing) – we really should try to reclaim our own destinies back from the multinationals, but thats of course for another day….

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  1. “Re-claim our own destinies from the multinationals”? Multinationals don’t take your destiny. As for the admiration for Spaniards eating from 9-12 then going out until 7am, what is the point? We are not nocturnal. We need to see more of the daylight. I much prefer an early evening curry followed by 15 pints of wife beater and collapsing in front of the Playstation by 11.30.

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