Off for a spring sojourn to the capital of Catalunya for a few days tomorrow. Hopefully the weather is going to be better than the extremely freak weather that has struck the UK today. In the space of about 5 hours I have seen a huge thunderstorm, the sky turning black, 2 hailstorms (1-2cm big) and now a clear sky and fantastic sunset.

Plans for the weekend include taking a decent load of photos of the amazing architecture thats everywhere in Barca (and that I haven’t photographed on my previous 2 visits), trip to the beach hopefully and lots of going out and sampling the late night club scene. And according to there are going to be some good nights this weekend. Including a buggedout night and Mr.C of the End (and the Shamen) dj-ing around the city…

Watch the mobile blog! –> (hopefully it’ll work in spain…. and not get pick-pocketed)…

c’est la vie

Cheers for everyone who turned up at the weekend to my house for the party. Hope you all had a good time and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the night. Special thanks to one half of the Disco Liberation Front and DJ J-Hob (check the site, ha ha) for Dj-ing and Jarrison for keeping the house in order!

Luckily the neighbours went out for the evening and the other neighbours appeared to be having their own party until the small hours too so it was all good.

We have a whole hour of early morning dj-ing on Minidisc which I will transfer over to the site shortly – and I have a tracklisting too.

Hopefully ‘Suburban Shakedown Part II’ will be taking place in Sheffield sometime in June…. watch this space….

grassroots’r’us and wikis

Wired News reports that the BBC is launching a new website in October. The ‘ican’ site is a citizen interaction centre where people will be able to join together and discuss grassroots campaigns.

There is more stuff on “Emergent Democracy” on Joi Ito’s Wiki.

I bet now you are thinking “What’s a wiki“, well I have only seen the word in the last couple of days. Apparantly it’s another way of creating web content using a browser:

“Allowing everyday users to create and edit any page in a Web site is exciting in that it encourages democratic use of the Web and promotes content composition by nontechnical users.”

Maybe I’ve just missed something somewhere anyway…