whats gwarnin’

morocco awaits tomorrow, but for now my thoughts turn to life of late and what has been going on….

Flash mobs in Sheffield – British Sea Power: Ear splittingly good encore – Peter Kay-esque at my nan’s 80th – Vinyl addiction – Cringing at Spelling Bee’s in Spellbound – Djing at Mary’s party and getting the dancefloor moving: discovering the minidisk didn’t record – Waiting hours for taxis at 6am – Cold turkey from no mixing – Hotels in London and fabulous food at Borough Market – Munchkins – Death of Shoreditch – Sheffield days and nights – Quiet drinks at 4pm, drinking too much wine @ Arts Club, packing for Madrid at 4am hungover – English Breakfasts – The Stands, better than the Coral – Broken decks – Summer weather in Madrid, people smoking everywhere – 3 car family (hobson) – Virgin trains to Sheffield every week – Fantastic lunchtime meals but NO siestas – Seeing the west coast of France from the plane – Fopp addiction – Ear drums hurting due to excessive djing – Rabbits – Missing Christening due to excessive alcohol consumption – Sheffield to Reading in 2hours 20 minutes brocking out to dnb – Melies cafe in Balham Croque Madames – Bouncing Balls and intensity at Flaming Lips gig – Driving l8 round London – Meals out for last 21 days – Reading entertainment finally – Flooding ceilings – DVD nights…

there was plenty more but im getting on a bit and cant remember.

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