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Fresh from the successful download from bleep last week. I have discovered another couple of ways to reduce my excessive consumption of multimedia!

#1 – It’s called a library… You go along and you can take up to 15 books away for free. You can keep them for up to three weeks. It’s a revelation, every town should have one. Anyway more seriously, I used to be a regular library user and abuser but recently I’ve been buying books and I blame it all on Mr. Amazon. Anyway, Reading Libraries allow you to do everything online. My local library is tiny but lo and behold, I can search for books by ISBN and get them sent over to my library for free. They also have wishlists and stuff which is cool.

#2 –… Well why spend 15 pounds on a DVD when you can register here and get DVDs sent through the post. You register, search the 12000 dvds and make a sort of wish-list, then they send you the first 3 on your list through the post. Then when you’ve watched one of them, you drop it back in the post (freepost) and they send you the next one in your list. So I’m trying it out for 14 days for free so I’ll let you know if it works! There are loads of rivals but this is 15 quid a month for 3-at-a-time. I’ve picked a few classics, some anime, the lord of the rings and 24 series 1. Not sure when I’m going to watch them but that is one of the joys of laptops on Virgin Trains (plug sockets included!)

There are some things I can’t stop consuming though. Reading the Guardianevery morning (the print version not online) is great – I’d find that very very hard to stop!

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