Friay Musings

Well it’s been an “interesting” week in Politics but I don’t really have the energy to go into the Tutition fees row. Suffice to say, if I had lots of fees to pay when I was considering going to Uni I would like to say I would still have gone but probably would have felt ever so slightly more guilty when missing a lecture on a Tuesday lunchtime (and all succeeding lectures) due to being down Bar One.

And as for Hutton well I think it was a whitewash and couldn’t believe the smugness of the government, especially John Reid on Radio Five Live when he likened the BBC’s coverage akin to Nazi propaganda… (allegedly, I would need to see the transcript to remember the exact words.) All I hope for is that the BBC can be strong in this and continue to offer impartial journalism (as it did during the Iraq war) without the interference of the government, which quite honestly no-one wants. Anyway people moan about the license fee but we forgot how bad TV and Radio would be in this country without it – a small price to pay for quality broadcasting in my opinion.

So the whitewash (meteorologically speaking) appears to have gone as quickly as it came. The country seemed very wet, grey and miserable as I travelled from Reading to Sheffield.

Oh yeah, last night ate at a great pie shop in Reading. It’s apparantly an institution but I’d never been there. Now maybe I am proper resident of the ‘great’ town ;-). Sweeney Todd is the place and they have a ridiculously long list of pies that the lady orates once and once only so make sure you listen attentively! They also do great real ale and sticky English puddings (I mean how can you choose between Treacle Tart, Strawberry Cheesecake, Bread and Butter pudding easily) Pure unadultered stodge is great on a cold January evening (and a session to the gym to burn it away too!)

Finally I have a Guestmap (link on the right) so if you come here from anywhere interesting (or Manchester) then you should put a pin in the map! I expect 5 by the end of the year…. (oh, and yes I am redesigning things a little so hopefully I can make tings a little bit cleaner around here!)

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