i’m in poland this week 😉 Warsaw to be specific. To be perfectly honest I am completely ignorant about Eastern Europe, but I pulled out 5 pages from my 1998 edition of the Rough Guide before I left, so that should help. Anyway here on “business” (!) so I don’t know how much of the real-world I will be able to see, hopefully a little bit of the cheesy Europop nightlife I have heard so much about… mmm… Well so far (the one hour since 9.30pm when I arrived) it’s snowy, cold, full of rows of concrete skyrises – just as I expected. But I expect to find some hidden gems tucked away under this grey skyline. Now I’m “trapped” on the 8th floor of (a very nice actually) hotel, but it seriously reminds me of the hotel in Lost in Translation – I’m scared to go downstairs incase there is some cheesy jazz pianist ting gwarn’ with a female vocalist covering classic hits of the 60s…. actually, i think i’ll pass and finish my book and sink into the Heavenly (TM) bed.

in other events, here are some photos from the madrid experience last week. I don’t think any of them will get any of “them” into trouble. 😉 That is to be kept safely locked away when bribery is required and cash is no longer an option.

well anyway, it was a short but sweet visit. I like the place, but it’s no-way near as good as Barca. (and i was horrifically ill for most of Saturday and Sunday.. 🙁 – it wasn’t just me being a lightweight)

madrid in 15 events: Unkle Nick, SNOW, Long metro connections, Irish Bars, 21, Undrinkable melon shots, Caliente, winning at darts, red cards treatment, death stick higher or lower, phone calls and missed calls, unmissable tapas, meat in the fish restaurant, Lost tickets, Lost Sundays.

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