the long road home (Part 1)

Apologies for the long gap of 2 weeks and 8000 miles from the dodgy road in Laos to the general security of Sheffield! I was staying on “Big” Perhentian, where internet was expensive, slow (satellites) and generally a hastle. Also I was having such an amazing time diving that the net was secondary in my thoughts.

So this will have to be a little summary of the last couple of weeks of my travels.

Laos: Slighjly Dangerous Road Trip – Kids with guns – 20m visibility – Luang Prabang – idllyic setting – fantastic food – waterfalls – boat trips – underground temples – storms and sunsets – cycling on a kids sized bike – airport with 1 gate, no radar and no computers!

Laos was amazing. Despite sort of now being on the tourist trail (over a million visitors last year), it has that untouched feel. The people may be poor in terms of GDP but from what I saw they have a better life than a lot of us. Everyone said hello in the street, at sunset there would be football and badmington matches in the road. Cars were few and far between (in LP) and there was no hastle from anyone. Get there while it’s still like that cos Thailand and the WTO want it to change.

Flew down to Bangkok for 24 hours but I think I’ve been there more than enough times now so was happy to fly straight down to Kuala Lumpur the next day (In an amazing storm!)…

36 hours in KL: Pedestrian Hell – Motorways cutting up the city – Petronas propaganda but amazing towers – Petaling St amazing – Fake goods – Time out for Chinese Tea – Museums – Hindu Temples – Muslim/Colonial architecture clashes – Venus thru a telescope – Bed bugs – no sleep!

I liked KL a lot but it’s a lot different to Bangkok and definitely has a more Western feel. There are lots of UK/US restaurant chains however you still have the Hawkers selling food on the streets outside them which still seems more popular! Chinatown was great. Had some amazing food there washed down with a Tiger Beer. I think another day wouldve been good but I wanted to get to the beach…..