month in sheffield

And for this months post(!)… Been pretty busy. Settling into the 9-5 which basically means plenty more time for doing stuff that doesnt involve being stuck behind a desk churning out code… How good is being 5 minutes from/to work. And having hours to not watch TV in the evening!

So the students came back to Sheffield, and we went the Tuesday club to see Mr Andy C. And he smacked it. Played a lot of anthems (which is always good when half the crowd arent into dnb), we danced and got very hot and sweated off the booze and got to bed at 3 so was all good. No hangover really.

Everyone seems to have been ill, and as I am usually not well in the Autumn I caught it and although not having had time off work, I missed some big nights in Sheffield and Manchester. Boo.

Finally started learning some spanish so now I can say “I live in Sheffield (in the north of england), I have one brother etc..” reminds me of being 11 and learning French. Hopefully I will be able to have a conversation by Xmas.

The Departure came to Sheffield (featuring J-Hobs younger brother on drums) and they played the Fuzz Club. We drank far too many snakebites.. never again… got to bed at 4am; kept the neighbour up; had the worst hangover ever and to top it off my bike got nicked. Dont leave bikes unlocked in back gardens – even if you are too drunk to care…

Took some nice black and white photos around the Peace Gardens. Still drying the negatives as I write this. Looks like a few good’uns on the film though. Have to present a portfolio at the end of the year so better get cracking….

Last week, my mate’s band played the Boardwalk which was great (Pisco Sour Hour for those that know!)… went to ResFest last weekend and saw some great films and Warp Records afterparty. Then took a completely different musical direction on Sunday by seeing Kate Rusby at the Lyceum. (one of Britains leading folks singers)… she had the most amazing voice I’ve heard in a long while.

If you dont yet subscribe to all this globalisation is ruining the world malarkey(!), you should at least go and watch The Corporation. It just about sums up all the arguments into one (quite long) documentary film… if you do, go to the website, read the links, and get out and do something…

oh yeah, is something that happens fortnightly at the Earl in Sheffield. Come on down, chill out, have a tea or beer. Read the paper, and listen to some nice chilled music – it’s what Sundays are all about. (Unfortunately i’ve taken a break from dj-ing recently due to some tinnitus type business…)

For my final thought. Dont go to a club at 2250 assuming its on til 2, pay your door tax, get in and the last orders light flashes… we do live in Britain after all… (alternatively find a local that stays open til the last person leaves – I wont say it’s name cos the Google-god will find and punish the landlord eternally..)

This month’s media choices: (cos I’m bored and it’s Friday)
Books – In Praise Of Slow (Carl Honore)
CDs – Ella Guru, Interpol, The Earlies
Films – School of Rock(!), Big Fish, Kill Bill (both volumes)