Back a week

The last week can be summed up in the following 4 photos:

Jetlagged til Friday (Sleeping from 9pm-5am) then didn’t get to bed until 5am on Friday/Saturday so I have once again switched my bodyclock the opposite way.

Still I ate the first onion from the allotment in a wicked curry this evening and there is a beetroot about to the roasted. The sun is still shining (apart from on Saturday at a BBQ/Pool party – God, please be more considerate in future.

Got a nice shiny new digital SLR, the Nikon D50. It is very very nice. Of course a good photo is in the eye of the photographer but flash kit can help a bit I reckon!

Saw the hosts (formerly 2 members of Hoggboy + 2 newbies) at the Washington (Washstock) on Friday night. Was all good but went wrong when I should’ve gone home but ended up at the Interval and then at a club with no name near the old Arches. (The old Printworks). Anyway it was good clean fun as you can see from the above Junglist Alliance photo – it were reight hot!

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  • [myspace] (be my friend? I only have 2 and one of them isn’t even real!! Actually I don’t really care about myspace)

(If you’re trying to link the photos with the text. Don’t. I have also failed to find a plausible link between the sunflower and jetlag)

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