Friday Yawn

Very bored today. Minutes ticking down to the weekend!

I’ve been sat in the library this week reading through my notes and also trying to think of an essay title for the first module of my course. Still not got one although there are a few things floating around in the (vast?) expanse I call a brain.

Monbiot’s new book, Heat, was read this week in a couple of days and is very closely related to the module I studied last month. Basically he (and many scientists) reckons that we need to cut CO2 emissions by 90% by 2030 or we will pass the tipping point when basically we are screwed! He tries to work out how we are going to do it. Basically we have to act collectively and the government have to stop doing environmental “reviews” and actually do something or we really are going to run out of time. Not quite sure how the plan to double the number of flights passing through the UK links in with this…. His site, turn up the heat, focuses on the greenwash of certain celebrities (Branson, Chris Martin etc). A final good site to look at is Basically Exxon have funded lots of companies who seem to resemble thinktanks but exist solely to make the public think that Climate Change isn’t proven. Of course watch an Inconvenient Truth like I mentioned recently.

Hmm what else?

I received a Ukulele at Sheffiel train station recently (it was a present and a very nice surprise 😉 ) so I have been learning it and Pineapple Pete’s Uke school has been very useful. I think I can just about play Silent Night. I will be performing around the country nearer to Christmas (In phone boxes probably).

Oh yeah I got some of these cool little flickr cards the other day. Very nice – I will be dishing them out to anyone who doesn’t know where I “live” on the web.

Was out last weekend watching DJ Spinna just playing in a pub by my work(!) and at club Shhhhh last weekend. This weekend its Liverpool and the Biennial….

I will leave you with a picture of an Angel trying to catch an Aeroplane (Maybe that’s the solution to global warming) – SUMMON A HOARD OF ANGELS! (Sorry Mitchell and Web joke…)


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