Eco-Car Adverts

This is the start of a new series of posts looking at the newfound environmentalism of car manufacturers. I am going to be scanning in any adverts I find which I find slightly “greenwash-esque”.

Here’s the first from today’s Guardian.

Honda Advert

The theme of adverts I’ve seen recently is “green”. Lots of countryside, flowers, plants, open spaces. Let’s see what happens!

On the theme of cars, I’ve realised I’m not anti-car per se. Cars/Vans are needed to fulfill certain jobs. How would an electrician or a builder ply their trade without a vehicle. We just need to get rid of the majority of car journeys that aren’t actually necessary. I think as the price of petrol increases people will cut back on journeys such as walking the kids to school and moving nearer to their place of work. It will take several years to happen but luckily in the UK we don’t have really sprawling suburbia.