I’m thinking about September 11.

I’m thinking about September 11. Well obviously the anniversary is coming up next week, the press/media/world is taking interest in Iraq and there are still the Middle East issues to ‘resolve’. The reasons and hatred behind it may be hard for us Westerners to fathom out, but having watching a documentary on Channel 4 this evening about a man who’s dined with both Osama and Tony, and having listened to views of Muslims, i began to understand that people do think differently. I was initially taken aback by the comments from the Osama-loving Muslims who adore the man behind the WTC bombings. But then the reporter travelled to see the suffering of the Palestinians – and you can see where passionate feelings like these come from. Whatever your view on the situation, the barren landscape of the Jenin refugee camp, the petrified faces of the human beings who can recite their own tales of September 11 tragedy every day of their lives, made me reflect for a moment. You would think there would be more to life than religious hatred but for some that is their life and nothing else comes remotely close to it. Nobody needs war… it helps no-one and if it is all for oil then….

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